The ULTIMATE Holidays to New Zealand

February 29th, 2012

At Haka Tours, we are the #1 adventure tour company in New Zealand. Does breathtaking scenery, great accommodation, delicious food and thrilling adventurous activities sound good? At Haka Tours, we think so too. That is how we have became the favourite tour provider of our travellers (don’t believe us? Check out these independent reviews). They love us because we give them an authentic experience.

The best thing about taking a guided tour is that there is no stress. We take care of everything; we do all of the booking, planning and preparation for you. All you need to do is come, bring your bags, pick your activities and you are ready to go. At Haka Tours, we keep our tour groups to a maximum of 16 people. That means that your tour members aren’t just a bunch of strangers, they become great friends. It doesn’t matter who you are. As long as you are 18+, everyone is welcome, and we get people of all ages on our tours.

Check out our most popular New Zealand holidays –

Holidays to New Zealand | 24 Day EPIC Tour

This holiday has been created to show you EVERYTHING that New Zealand does best. Experience the unique culture of New Zealand, and learn about the native Maori culture that flows deep within New Zealand. Try out the thrilling activities that New Zealand has to offer, like plunging down one of our world-class bungy jumps or bouncy around in the wicked Zorb! And finally, make friends that will last a lifetime, and experience the insane New Zealand nightlife with them! If this sounds like something you’re up for, check it out here!

If we do say so ourselves, this tour route is positively EPIC! Here are is a snippet of it:

> Travel down through the middle of the North Island. Maori culture runs deep here!
> Learn a traditional haka and taste a delicious hangi!
> Hop onto the inter-island ferry and get ready to see the gorgeous South Island!
> Circle the South Island. A fan of Lord of the Rings? So are we. Tonnes of it was filmed there!
> Then its time to come back to Wellington, which has an absolutely buzzing CBD night life!
> Then travel back to Auckland, and meet the local’s that make New Zealand such a fantastic place to visit.

Excited? You should be! Check out our itinerary map for more details.


Holidays to New Zealand | 16 Day AMPLIFIED Tour

If you don’t have 3-4 weeks, but you’d love to see both islands of New Zealand, then this is your tour! It goes from either Christchurch to Auckland or Auckland to Christchurch. You choose which way you go. We fit in as much as we possibly can along the way!

New Zealand is bigger than England and Ireland put together, and packed with things to do. Here are some of the extreme (and not so extreme) things to do here:

> Breath, pump your chest and gather all the courage you have and take on Skydiving in Queenstown!
> Ever flown upside down? Zip through the air in an insane acrobatic plane ride in Wanaka.
> Be ready to gasp at the beauty in a breath-taking trip to the Milford Sound.
> Shop up a storm in the unique, boutique shops scattered throughout New Zealand.

We pick our locations based off customer feedback, meaning we go to the best spots.


Holidays to New Zealand | 12 Day Adrenalin Junkie Tour

The South Island – otherwise known to outsiders as Middle Earth – of New Zealand is absolutely gorgeous and filled with sights to see! Our tours are very customisable – add activities that suit you for the ultimate New Zealand holiday!

Feel like taking on some thrilling challenges? Then try your hand at bungy jumping, canon swinging or even heli-mountain biking. Feel like taking it easy? Then take on the New Zealand markets, dolphins and a walk around the Milford Sound. Whatever you are looking for, this tour has it.


Holidays to New Zealand | 7 Day Snow Safari

Love the snow? Then this is the holiday for you. Our 7 day Snow Safari is our customers’ favourite New Zealand ski and snowboard holiday. We take you around the top ski slopes in the South Island. First time skiing? That’s OK, we will teach you. Experienced? Try the steep, challenging slopes and go off the beaten track with heli-skiing! With the ability to add on wicked discounted activities (does jet boating, paragliding or canyoning sound good?) this is the ultimate NZ snow holiday.

Furthermore, combine this tour with any of our tours above and receive a 10% discount!


Haka Tours has the ULTIMATE holidays to New Zealand